Saturday, February 17, 2007

wal-mart and the looney tunes

one of my favorite weekend activities is to travel 45 mins to the (notice the "the") wal-mart. i live in a very small town and we do not have satan's chain in our town. so my wife and i travel almost every weekend to breathe in the low prices and cheap child laborer clothing. while walking down the aisles trying to help my wife avoid running into the woman on the jazzy (angie has a way of being rude without meaning to be rude. we fight when we are at wal-mart. she just doesn't think), i can't help but notice the different types of people i see. there are short ones, fat ones, and the ever loving looney tunes wearing sweat pants lover. (i know i wrote earlier about how much i truly love sweat pants, but my butt doesn't normally eat my shorts like this.)
i hope i don't sound rude, but i can't help but laugh at the ones who wear the tight sweats with their guts hanging out with a taz stretched two times his size. they talk loud on there cells and scream at their kid with out shoes.
ok... i should stop. i am becoming a jerk. i know that they live differently than me and Jesus loves them, but please... cut the kentucky waterfall (mullet) and for crying out loud STOP WEARING SWEAT SUITS IF YOUR BUTT IS BIG AND YOUR GUT HANGS TO YOUR THIGHS. i would want someone to tell me this... i am a good friend and i do love you. i just want what is best for you (and me).

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