Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the devil may have worn prada, but the preacher wore nail polish

as many of you know i work in a hardware store. mind you i am not the most manly of men. sure i like to spit when i need to. i do like to pee standing up (unless i am afraid that i may push something out). i also enjoy telling a fart jokes. yet today i met a man that made me feel so good about myself.
i was standing at my station when he walked in. he had a goofy smile and walked as if he could lift 3 times his weight. he slowly walked up to my co-worker and me. he talked with a deep voice and made sure we all noticed his chest hair meeting his chin hair. needless to say i was somewhat intimidated by him. he began telling me about the church he was pastoring. i never realized God could use such a manly man. then i noticed his nails. they had clear polish on them. why? is that something guys are supposed to do. in that moment i felt like the alpha male. sure my chest hair grows in patches and my voice kind of sounds girly when i laugh... yet... wait... nails are not polished. time to go work on a car and show my crack for awhile (that is what men do isn't it?).

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