Monday, February 12, 2007

beating my fears

for the past six days i have had the pleasure of traveling with my best friend matthew. i love to travel, but as some of you know i have a fear that takes the joy out of flying to chicago to l.a. ... it has crippled me for the past twelve years. most people don't understand, but a few do. while on this trip i suffered a major push towards facing my fear. i had been eating like crazy. it seems that when you travel with matthew food is free. it was wonderful. i believe i ate my weight in food. with that said... while waiting for the connecting flight to send us back to nashville it happened. my gut made a rumble and i knew my butt muscles would not be strong enough to hold it back. my worst fear was putting the pressure on.

(if you haven't figured out by now... i have a fear of pooping in public places. i can hold it for weeks if i have to. no, really i can.)

i looked at matthew with a bead of sweat on my forehead and said " i have to poop. if i don't do it now i won't make it on the flight." i walked into the restroom and it was empty. i slowly opened the door to see my cold porcelain enemy. i felt my butt pucker, but i had to work through it. as i took my place up on my fear i felt a warm power come over me. i will end there.

some of you maybe skeptical, but i took pictures to prove it.


Matthew Paul Turner said...

You are hilarious. Just happy you're my friend and not my enemy. Ha!


Anonymous said...

does Jesus know you write this?