Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year New Damage

the new year has come and new hopes and fears follow close behind. i have become some what lazy in my search for hope in the past year. i have forgotten the taste of freedom and touch of grace. i have allowed peers to rob me of the life i once ran after. no more will i allow this to happen. i have to fight the lies that i have believed about myself. i have to overcome the struggles that i have formed from my gut.
wow!! sounds deep huh?
this is my first real blog. i am hoping to find my voice in my writings. i am hoping to laugh and see the mistakes that i make daily on here. i promise not to get too deep or too open. my faith in God is very important to me, and soon i will be taking a new journey. letting go.. ohhhhhh. sounds cool huh? we will see.

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