Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what changed and what should keep changing

i believe it is expected out of every blogger to write something about the end of a year and the beginning of another. so i am going to attempt to write something about the closing of 2008. nothing profound or enlightening... just me being me...

in the beginning of 2008 my goal was to lose weight (who doesn't have that goal), to not stress over the small things, and to grow closer to God. i honestly think i have the same goals every year... yet, i think this year i reached one of my goals.

i was able to lose a few more pounds (36 inch waist to 33), but still don't have the beach bod i want.. so this year i am going to keep working on that.

i didn't grow closer to God. in some ways i grew further away. seeing what i see in court causes me to some times wonder why He lets so many bad things happen to little kids. i know there is going to be an answer from the conservative type, but some times i just don't buy it.

i also still stress over the little things inside. i have a hard time admitting when i am overwhelmed by something. i can walk around for days not showing that there is a battle going on inside my head... then one day i will explode and my mouth will end up causing more damage than a fat man sitting in a plastic lawn chair from dollar general.

so this new year that is coming up, i am going to focus on who i am supposed to be. too long i have tried to please everyone around me and i have forgotten who i was created to be.

now i want to do a list of things that have happened this year.

riley thomas was born (greatest day of my life).
my sister got cancer again (worst day of my life).
the avatar ended (i cried).
the dark knight (i peed my pants)!
i got a tattoo.
angie didn't kill me when we got a bank statement (monthly danger i face).
wondergirl was missing and then returned 10 days later.
wongergirl was killed 5 months after that.
i shaved my head and discovered i have an odd shaped head.
i tore something inside me and bled for months.
due to james' wonderful attachments, i no longer can open his e-mails at work.
riley no longer likes yoshima, but cold play.
3 months of no fights with father in-law.
discovered that belly button lint stinks.
got my toe stuck in a chair (long story).
married josh and rue.
josh moved (sad day).
did my first jewish/christian wedding.
lost more hair and naired my back and got burned.
passed out in the bathroom (due to a sickness) and woke up with my head on the toilet.
got batman lego and my life has been forever changed...

this is a small list. i just thought i would throw a few things out there...

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