Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas past

for some reason i have started to think about christmas with my family.
it maybe cause i won't get to see them until after christmas or it could be the fact that there was always something to make christmas stick out more in my mind.

one year i received a cabbage patch khoosa (a dog i called coco). i was maybe 7 years old and i remember getting a "swat" to my butt for pointing out that his outfit had a tail hole (a place for his tail to stick out). how was i to know i was saying something i should not have?! it is still a happy memory.

there was a year my granny bought me a bunch of he-man action figures. i was so happy. it was the he-man with battle damage (you hit his chest and a scratch would appear in his armor. hit him again and another scratch would appear). i spent most of christmas playing up stairs with he-man. only food was able to pull me away from my action figures.

two weeks later his leg broke off... it was a sad day.

when i was a freshman in high school my papaw bought some of us burial plots. i was not thrilled. how do you say "thank you" when you only get to use it in death?
i know now he was just looking out for us, but still! throw a couple of dollars in there or something!

so this year i am looking forward to my son's first christmas. i want to make each one a good or odd memory. i want him to look back and see his dad as a lot of fun and always making things a little more interesting.

i am sorry that this blog seems to be all over the place. i am sitting in court and i am trying to act like i am paying attention... so hard to play the role of an adult.

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