Wednesday, December 10, 2008

things i can use to start fights with the in-laws over christmas

too many this will be a shock....but i don't always agree with my in-laws. i know, i know... i get a long with everyone - why would i want to start a fight between me and my wife's family?

1. it's fun.
2. we never really get mad.
3. my father in-law and i have always argued. it is part of our friendship.
4. it wouldn't be christmas without making angie uncomfortable (she often worries what is going to come out of my mouth next).
5. they can't stay mad at me too long... i have a baby.

so as i sit here at my desk, i think of great topics to bring up. like george w. saying he doesn't believe the Bible is literal. WOW!!! W. is like one of the apostles to some people. could this be? could he not be as great as some people in my family think?

what about bringing up the american flag standing erect in the church? seems kind of odd to have a national idol in the church doesn't it?

maybe why i think charlie daniels music is annoying?

or how fox news is actually pushing porn with their website.

i don't say these things because i strongly believe in them, but because of the reaction i receive from her father. it brings holiday joy to my heart.

steve knows i love to annoy him.... just like he likes to annoy me. it is a beautiful friendship. if we were to always be nice to each other... i would worry.


Chad Estes said...

I'm sure he has a list of things to argue with you about too! Maybe we should help him...

Tommy said...

are you turning against me chad?