Monday, December 15, 2008

oh the holidays

it seems like every year i end up spending most of my time in the courtroom.
last year after spending 12 hours in court i drove to st.louis to spend christmas with my wife's family. the long drive and many cups off coffee left me feeling less festive the next day.

this year i will be spending the day before christmas eve in court and then driving once again to st.louis.

i am not complaining about the drive or court.

i am complaining because i won't get to spend time with my brother in-law's. i always look forward to spending quality time making fun of the family with them.

it turns out the day i arrive in st.louis is the day they leave for home. i knew growing up was going to be hard, but no one told me that having a job would keep me from doing the things i love.

on a side note...

jasper was part of his first christmas program last night. even though he is only 2 months old, i must say he was the best actor up there. he did everything he was supposed to.

i was a proud father. the rest of the parents must of hung their heads in shame when they saw my little boy take the stage.

now i sit in a courtroom waiting for court to start. thankfully today is going to be a short day, but tomorrow is going to be a longer one.

i am getting sick of looking at the people in court. it is the same people over and over again. i don't understand why people just can't stay out of trouble.

ok... i am going to stop complaining. i have a lot more to complain about, but i won't.

don't worry james... i won't mention how people get to know me to get to you...
someday i will reach your level of greatness...


Laura said...

What do you mean you "look forward spending quality time making fun of the family"???? You better remember you're eating Christmas dinner at my house. I could slip something into your food if you make fun of me;)

Tony York said...

Merry Christmas Season.

Tommy said...

when i say "make fun of the family" i am talking about steve and angie... we would never make fun of you guys... you are all so wonderful and sweet...
can't wait to see you guys!