Thursday, December 04, 2008

jasper's Christmas list

my last two blogs have been somewhat sad. so i figured i would try to lighten the mood...
so i am going to post jasper's Christmas list.

a Wii for daddy.
a Mac book pro for daddy.
a blackberry for daddy.
batman lego for ds for daddy.
an ink pen for mommy.
and last but not least.... the ability to control my arms.

isn't he the sweetest little boy. always thinking of others.


Tony York said...

If your Christmas list happens to get delivered to your tree, I want to come and play!

Uh.. not with the pen though... I got one of those.

And I hope Jasper gets his wish too ;)

Tommy said...

come on over... just don't beat me at any of the games. i get moody when i get beat.

Tony York said...

Dude, I missed being part of the generation that understood the gazillion buttons on the joysticks or whatever they call them now. I grew up with atari.. we had A stick and A button. Sometimes you didn't need the button...

so no worries... I play video games like I make mashed potatoes... just keep squishing stuff. Not very conducive to winning.. especially when my tongue is hanging out and I short the controller out with slobber.