Friday, December 19, 2008

observation...not my wife's strongest gift

normally i try to avoid bringing up touchy subjects between my wife and i... yet today i cannot avoid it. i can no longer be silent about my smart talented wife's lesser and unused gift.

since ang and i have been dating i have noticed her lack of observing those around her while she shops in wal-mart. she enjoys blocking the aisles with her cart. blocking people's view of the items they are shopping for.

me being the wonderful person i am - i am always aware of those around me. always trying to make sure i am not in any one's way. i am even more sensitive during the holiday season. tensions are high amongst the christmas shoppers and they are easily set of by the slightest inconvenience.

last night we went to wal-mart and i really tried hard not to be uptight while she shopped. i even took the cart so she wouldn't be able to block, run in to, or annoy any other shoppers.

most of the shopping experience was uneventful. just once when she backed into a woman's path to a picture frame. me being the good husband i am, i just smiled at the lady and she kept walking.

on the way home angie and i talked about what i had observed. she accused me of overreacting. i pressed harder that i was correct. she pressed harder that i was wrong and just an uptight person.

thankfully we never actually got heated on this subject.

some of you may wonder why i am writing such a blog to talk about my wife... because i want the world to be on the look out for my wife in wal-mart.


Tony York said...

Then you need to watch out for my mother. She is blind in one eye and can barely see out of the other... yet she wants to push the cart and look at every thing that is on sale.

I have seen grown men cry when they saw my mom walking into the store.

Smith Family Reunion said...

Her Monopoly skill is also slipping.