Monday, June 23, 2008

still waiting

i am still at work. it is 8:30 pm and the jury is still out.
someone pulled the fire alarm and all of the firefighters got excited, but were let down when it was a false alarm.
i gave away my last pudding pack to this weird person who works for the court system. i am still unsure how she ate it. she didn't have a spoon.
angie called to tell me wondergirl ran away with skippy again. this is the second time this has happened at the hand of angie. should i start to take the hint?
i didn't get to workout. now i have to make it up.
people mistake things said on the internet and i end up getting annoyed with the fact that i have a myspace that doesn't work properly.
i received a cool pic on my phone, but i am unable to upload it on the works pc. i want to share it. maybe when i get home i will be able to.
i just realized i need to mow my yard sometime this week before i leave for the lake. i want to curse, but i bite my tongue and think about the dinner i should be eating, but can't because of a jury who takes their time figuring out what to do.
i am not complaining. i promise. just killing time by writing a blog. it's much easier than actually doing some of my work sitting on my desk.

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