Friday, June 20, 2008

missing dog part 2

today as i was getting ready for court to start i received a phone call. it was my neighbor calling to tell me wondergirl was home! i was really excited, but i have not been able to get to her yet. i am sure she is really hungry and she wants her owner there with her.
so to the lady who said my dog was eaten by coyotes... YOU WERE WRONG! God bless!

now if i could just get out of court. it seems like it is taking forever, but it actually is going faster than i thought it would. i have a lot going on tonight... so please let me out of here. i am also getting sick of wearing a tie.


Smith Family Reunion said...

you give wondergirl a big wet sloppy kiss from all of us here in clinton, south carolina! hallelujah and bon voyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to that stalker of yours? you know the one who vomits out words and calls it art? that still doesn't help does it?
i am glad you found your wonderpup. everyone in nc was praying or sending good vibes to you. just please put the cloves down. they smell like shit.

Coal said...

hey! i didn't stalk. i just took pictures of tommy while he was sleeping, but that was because he sucks his thumb.
and my writings are not shit! they are glorified forms of shit. thank you very much!