Wednesday, June 18, 2008

missing dog

as many of you have already read, my dog is missing. she has been gone for over a week. it makes me really sad to not have her. she was the best dog ever and a good friend. she always had a way of making me smile. i am not sure if it was because she was always smiling or because she loved me more than anyone else.
monday i put an add in the paper (the paper comes out once a no one saw it until today)with her picture hoping and praying someone has seen her.
so as i sat on my chair just typing e-mails away, when i received a phone call. it was this woman whom i have never met, but she seemed to believe she had found my dog.
woman: hello? tommy hall?
me: yes, this is he (i actually said that. i am not sure why, but i did).
woman: are you the lawyer?
me: no. i just have the same name as the former commonwealth attorney (this has happened a lot. i live in a very small town and there are 3 tommy halls).
woman: oh, well i think your dog is here at may's subdivision.
me: really? (i found this odd since may's subdivision is kind of far away from me, but who knows how far a dog could walk within a week?)
woman: yep, is she a blonde retriever?
me: no, she is a gray and white husky mix aka mutt.
woman: ah, i was really hoping it was her, but to be honest, your dog was probably killed by coyotes. that happens a i am sure she is dead by now.
me: oh, i didn't think about that (what? why the heck call and tell me this? couldn't you tell from the flippin picture she was a gray and white dog and the last thing i wanted to hear was that she was torn to shreds by some wild dogs?).
woman: yeah. it is a sad thing. well, have a good day and God bless.
me: you too (God bless? who says this after telling them such bad news? like throwing God's blessing out there will take the fact away that you told me my dog is probably dead) and thanks for calling.
i still haven't give up hope. i like to imagine her finding a lonely kid and making their life so much better. like a kid who has no friends cause he moved here from a big city and everyone makes fun of him because he has bright red hair and some weird skin problem. she is loving him and helping him become a more out going person and that when school starts everyone will love him, all because wondergirl came to him and helped him become a better person.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry about wonder girl man. i hope she's okay too. and yes, the woman's comment to you was crazy.

I'll be praying you find her.


Anonymous said...

you go anonymous, but sign your name? who does that?
i really do hope you find your dog. i know how much you loved her.


Matthew Paul Turner said...

sorry. :) just wasn't signed in at the time.