Monday, June 23, 2008

let's take a break

those are the words i long to hear when i sit in the courtroom.
1. i drink too much water.
2. i eat too many veggies and it gives me gas (heck, who am i kidding? i always have gas).
3. i have a hard time keeping a straight face when people give lame excuses to why they do the stupid things they do.
4. i can't remember if i locked my car.
5. i can't remember if i locked my keys in the car.
6. i shouldn't have eaten that candy bar (now i feel sick).
7. there is a person on the jury who freaks me out and i don't like them looking at me.
8. i still have to pee and it's getting to the point where if i cough, it's all over.. and i mean all over.
9. i would rather be at home or maybe sitting in the sun (really need to get that good tan before i spend a week on the water).

i wish i had a number 10, but i don't. i do know that i am supposed to workout tonight and i really like to get that over with so i can complain about the drill sergeant that yells at me (well, he really doesn't yell.. he just pushes me and i am a wimp and don't like to be pushed).

1 comment:

Coal said...

why are you working out? the last time i saw you, you were skinny... too skinny if you ask me. i got used to the gut!