Thursday, June 26, 2008

anti-christian christians who love to be different

i just thought it would be a catchy name for a blog. i really have nothing important to say, but who really does these days? well, i guess a few people do, but i am not around them.
i wish i had a really cool story to share, but i don't. i just have me.. little ole' me. i guess i am really not that little. i am kind of big. well, not fat... just a little over weight. i have a small gut. a lot smaller than it used to be, but nonetheless a gut. i have started to workout hard 3 days a week with josh. i am really starting to feel the pain and i am not a huge fan of pain.. never have been, but i guess it is a good thing.
on a really good note... i don't have court for a week! yay!!!! a whole week. of course the week we don't have court i am going to be at the lake of the ozarks and so hopefully i will be soaking up some sun and getting a better tan. i have the farmers tan going and it is pretty sad looking.
i believe that i am fully british (well, not my teeth they are straight and white)because i am so white. it sucks being this white. i get burned like a ginger and when the burn peels i am white underneath.
this really is a pointless blog. i should learn to focus on more spiritual things.
got nothing. maybe i can find a church billboard to make fun of on my way to richmond tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

U 2 WIVES!!! lol... that one is the best billboard story ever!