Tuesday, June 03, 2008

saturday night fights

this weekend was kind of stressful for me. i am not sure why. it could have been the fact that i realized camp is getting ready to start and really miss working there sometimes. the whole atmosphere of camp is comforting.
it could have also been the fact that i cut a huge hunk out of my thumb (i am not going to go into that story. it's not a manly one).
the point being... i was in a bad mood.
later on that evening ang and i went to her parents house. we were all sitting around and her mom asked what we all wanted to do. i of course suggested ice cream (i love my ice cream). we drove forever trying to find a place to get good ice cream. we ended up going to DQ. don't get me wrong i love blizzards, but i was really wanting real ice cream. not that sick stuff that comes out of a bag.
on the way home my brother in-law paul started picking on angie. he was pointing out how she will never let me get a tattoo.
a little back story:
3 years ago tomorrow angie gave me money for a tattoo for an anniversary present. i was happy. i was finally going to mark my body for the dead. i mean.. i was going to get a tattoo. something simple. but before i was even able to put the money in my wallet she said "we do have some bills we need to pay."
that was the last time i had a chance to really get a tat.
now back to this past saturday:
paul kept pushing angie and she finally said "if he wants one, he can go get one."
i couldn't believe what i was hearing. could this be true?
within 15 minutes paul and i were on the road heading towards richmond.
i forgot to mention that my mother in-law told us to call before we left. she figured they may be closed.
i laughed and said that tattoo shops must stay open late. surely she had seen many television shows were people would get drunk and come back with a tattoo with the name spelled wrong or something stupid?!
on the drive there we talked about the different things that could go wrong. how i would end up getting the wrong tattoo or i would get ran over by a car right after i get it.. just funny stuff.
we arrive in richmond and the shops are closed. i couldn't believe it, but we decided to go on to lexington. there were a lot of shops there and they would be open. WRONG! i called every tattoo shop in the phone book. everyone was closed.
i couldn't believe it. angie finally caved in and i still wasn't able to get the ink in my flesh.
the television lied to me...
this blog is all over the place i admit. i may have forgotten to take my adderall or it could be because i received a phone call from my friend singing me a love song he wrote. or maybe it is because i have court again today and i don't feel prepared.
whatever the case. i am sorry for the jumble, but don't fear... next week you will see pictures of my tattoo on here.

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