Tuesday, April 01, 2008

to keep from saying "sorry"

i need to start putting a warning on my blogs. i tend to say things without thinking and people get their feelings hurt. it is never my intent to hurt people's feelings. i just write what i think and then later on realize that it could have been taken the wrong way.
when i first left for Bible college my dad wrote in front of my Bible "caution: put brain into gear before operating." i still haven't learned that.
my mouth has always got me into trouble. my wife likes to talk about my one liners i throw out there. the ones that make people wonder what i am talking about. i honestly don't do it on purpose. i am going to try and watch myself from now on.
"i am for gay marriage." is the best one that i throw out there i must say. i have never seen so many people get quiet when i say that. of course i do it at church outings.. ha.. outings... i made a pun.

this reminds me of the time i went to vbs at a catholic church with my neighbor. i was only 10 and i was the only boy there. i was confused by the statue of mary with the snake around her ankle and i wanted to eat the cookie we made into a necklace (i was a fat kid and i loved to eat). during the lesson i must have spelled something wrong or just did something stupid and i said shoot. the nun looked at me and said "we don't say that word. that's a bad word."
i looked at her puzzled. did she really think i said s**t?
"i didn't say a bad word. i said shoot." i exclaimed
"no, i heard what you said. the next time you say that i am going to take your snack time away."
you don't mess with my snack time lady. "i didn't say that."
about that time a girl name trish (who was known for being a liar and i am sure was smoking at the age of 10) spoke up and said "tommy hall, i am going to tell your mom you are cursing at church."
i began to call her a liar, but i stopped myself. what was the point. i had two evil women against me. one was never getting any sex and the other was just pure evil in a little body.
that was the last time i went to catholic vbs. i am not even sure why my mom and dad made me go. they must have been sick of me wanting to play with my he-man action figures in front of the tv while baseball was on.
i hated that vbs. i never got to eat that cookie.

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