Monday, April 28, 2008

2 year strike comes to an end

for the past two years i have avoided mowing my own lawn. i know, i know, i sound like a lazy man and that i avoid manual labor, but that is only partly true. i am also thinking about my fellow man. my neighbor enjoys mowing and having the extra money, but to save money i am going to start mowing. ugh. i try to encourage myself and view it as a way to get a tan and burn some fat, but i hate mowing. i have nothing but hills at my house and i will have to start shoveling dog poo.
yet, i will feel like a real man.
like my father in-law says "real men mow their yards".
my response used to be "smart ones get someone else to do it", but now i respond with "crap".


DogDoggit said...

does this mean i lost 1/2 of my summer job?

Tommy said...

it looks like that could be the case. not unless we could get mrs.tightwallet to allow you to work for us.