Wednesday, April 02, 2008

maybe i am sorry

i am just bummed because i can never pull off a good april fool's joke.i suck at it. i have never been good at thinking up something. i am lame. i did get one april fool's joke over on someone, but it is an inside joke and you wouldn't understand (i hate when people do that, but i wanted to do it) and i am not able to share because it would be far to personal. just trust me that i got one person. i think i may have made them mad, but time will tell.
today i am just going to write random thoughts that come to mind as i set at me desk and wait for work to fall on me.

1. is it time for me to start trimming my nose hair?
that is a good question. i have never noticed any long ones, but someday soon they will grow long and i may become overwhelmed by them if i don't start taking care of them now. so tonight i will trim my nose hair.

2. do these jeans make me look fat?
i don't believe they do. according to my wife i still don't have a butt.. so therefore these jeans cannot make me look fat if there is nothing pulling them tight in the back.

3. i keep getting this message in my spam "someone has a crush on you". could it be real?
i don't think so. i may receive it everyday, but i also get a lot more about growth and diets. i am trusting my wonderful Google spam box to sort out the fakes from the real deals. so i will never open that e-mail and no one should have a crush on me.. i am a married man!

4. is danny going to be fatter than me this year on vacation?
that is a hard one. danny is known for is chiseled body, but here lately he has been letting himself go. he has put all of himself into his marriage and job. i guess i should strive to be more like danny in his way of life.. not body type.

5. did i push that Q-tip in too far?
i am not sure. my ears are ringing, but i still can't tell if i pushed it in too far. time will tell.. time will tell.

6. will i ever learn to jump when i shoot a half-court shot?
this has been the bane of my basketball career. no matter how hard i practice i can never do it. my feet just have a hard time leaving the ground. so i will never learn to jump when i make the shot.

i guess i should get to work.

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Sgt. Salt said...

1. yes. you can never start this habit too early.
2. no. the twinkie crumbs on your shirt make you look fat.
3. yes. and it's me.
4. yes. based on the facebook picture of me and my nipple from last year's vacation, i believe i will be fatter than you this year.
5. probably. start doing the ear candle thing.
6. no. and the bane of your basketball career has actually been the fact that you only practice half-court shots.