Monday, April 07, 2008

where was my song

before heading down to the vending machine to get a vitamin water i felt the need to pee. i walked into the men's restroom and almost smacked face first into the janitor. it was awkward, but boo (that is what we call him, but i am not even sure what his real name is) is a really cool guy. always asks how i am doing and empties my trash 2 times a day. yet today was awkward. as i stood there trying to pee, i wasn't able to sing my pee song, he asked me how i was doing.?.
number one rule of the men's restroom: don't talk to other's while peeing.
he walked out.
i stood there for a couple minutes.
sang my song.
whistled a different song.
i just now learned i suck at whistling.
i gave up.
now i sit at desk needing to pee.
it is going to be a wonderful monday.

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