Monday, November 10, 2008

dog pillow

saturday i bought wondergirl a really nice dog pillow. i worry about her getting cold in this winter like weather.

when i showed ang the nice pillow she told me she would kill the dog if she tore it up. i tried to convince her that wondergirl would never do something like that (even though deep down i know she is an evil dog who likes to destroy anything and everything around her).

saturday night she did well.

sunday morning i walked outside to feed her and the pillow was still intact. i was proud of my dog. she was showing real maturity.

this morning i was running late as usual.

i stepped outside and saw green fluff every where.

i looked in her lot and there she was... covered in green fluff. the nice pillow shredded all around her. i lost my temper and i wanted to spank her, but i couldn't bring myself to beat her.

i hurried and picked up all of her mess and threw it away.

i didn't want ang to see that she was right.

i hate when ang is right. it happens too often. i always seem to be finding myself on the side of wrong. it sucks being there. she always brings it up too... she likes to remind me of my less prideful moments...


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

#1 - if angie thinks wondergirl is bad, i know how to solve your can borrow our dog ruby for the weekend. when she leaves, wondergirl will look like an angel.
#2 - proudful? really, proudful? come on tommy, you know better than that.

Tommy said...

#1. ang doesn't like dogs. so all are evil.
#2. i noticed that earlier and thought i fixed it. you try writing a blog while in court... it's hard. i tried to act like i was working, but i always get caught.

Angie said...

I'm going to stop bringing up when you're wrong. I'm sorry.

Tommy said...

i was giving you a hard time... you keep me humble. you know i love it when you point out that my math is bad and my grammer sucks.