Friday, November 21, 2008

the first snow....

it is november. it snowed an inch. i discovered this while in my underwear.
it was cold.
it was wet.
my tooth was killing me.

to make a long story short. my bottom wisdom tooth has yet to come in. i am 30 years old. it seems like they should have come through by now... i have already had the top two pulled, but the bottom two have plenty of room to grow (or so the nazi dentist says).

it really hurts when they start pushing through. so when i woke up at 1 this morning with throbbing pain in my mouth, i knew i needed something to end it quickly. the bad thing was that my ambesoll was in the car.

as i was laying in bed i fought with getting up and going to get it. i thought maybe i could just make my mind think about something else... it worked for 10 seconds.
i got up and just ran outside as quickly as i could. my body met the shock of cold and me feet discovered the inch of snow was cruel.

some may ask...

"was it worth it?"

yes and no. after applying a lot of this numbing gel i was able to sleep for 4 more hours.

then at 4 i woke up with the pain screaming in my mouth...

i remembered something my uncle had said years ago.

"whiskey can kill any pain."

i got out of bed and searched for the whiskey i had received for a gift last year.
thankfully i found it buried under some cooking supplies...

i took a big swig and started to swish it... it burned, but to my surprise it killed the pain... my breath was bad, but my mouth felt wonderful.

that is the story of the first snow.

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