Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cold weather and early nights

i have mentioned once before how much i hate the time change.
i have to say it again.


i don't like getting tired by 6 p.m., i don't like it getting dark by 5, i don't like freezing while walking my dog, and i don't like waking up with snow on my car...

now that i got that out of the way... i am going to tell you a story.

saturday night i returned after a long uneventful day in lexington. i was tired, hungry, and was not in the mood to have my dog jump on me and get me muddy... needless to say she didn't care.

as soon as i let her out she jumped up on me. i tried to hold her off, but she kept jumping. somehow she knocked my wedding ring off (since i have lost 30 pounds since i got married the ring doesn't fit as well). i heard it hit the concrete and that was it.

since it was already dark i turned my car lights on and started searching for my ring. about 45 minutes into the search i decided to give up until the morning. my hands were numb and my temper was up... i was not in the mood to keep searching.

that night angie called (she and jasper were in st.louis). i wasn't going to tell her, but i thought it would be better to go ahead and let her know that our evil dog had caused me to lose my wedding ring.

thankfully she didn't get upset, but i could tell she was feeling sorry for me (i had told her that to comfort myself i ate a whole can of tomato soup and a grilled cheese).

after a good nights sleep, i got up to look for the ring again. after 15 minutes of searching i gave up. i was going to be late for work and i didn't want to start my day off in a bad mood.

i fed the dog and was walking towards to the trash can when i noticed my ring. apparently when it hit the concrete it bounced pretty far from where i was standing...

that was my boring story... i know i live a really dull life... not my fault. i blame the town...


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

don't be a 'ville hater. think of all the things it's given you: many, many blogging ideas, woolly worms, a fantastic newspaper, dirty queen, middle school beauty pagents (where everyone likes to read, ride horses or spend time with friends), the certainty that "can you feel the love tonight" will once again be played for homecoming, the wide-spot, the tieyards, shell-mart taters and did i mention a fantastic, always grammatically correct newspaper?
don't be mad at wondergirl....and what are you complaining about, you lost 30 lbs!!!

Smith Family Reunion said...

man...i thought for sure you were going to say the dog ate it and you found it while spooning through her feces the next day.

Tommy said...

i do love the 'ville somedays, but it gets kind of boring here... and if you love it so much-why don't you move back? :)

snith family reunion,
it would have made for a better story if i would have spooned through her feces...

Tony York said...

Alright... you made me laugh out loud on that last line.

I enjoyed the story and will look to find more time to read more.