Monday, August 04, 2008

sticky things and pulling out my hair

i have been trying to keep this hidden for the most part. i have never been a fan of showing too much weakness. i don't like when people ask me questions about my health and crap like that, but i guess i should just come out and say what i have on the side of my belt.
no... it isn't a pager. the 80's are gone... no matter what the today show says... i hated the 80's (well, not the cartoons).
no... i am not wired for the cops to hear about your past. even though that would be cool. i have always wanted to work for the law in that way, but then i would end up tied up in a dark room with my feet in a pan of water and electric shock things on my forehead.
it's a heart monitor like thing. it only records my heart when i go into one of my "episodes". i have to wear it for a month. the sticky things have pulled out a lot of the hair. so i just shaved my belly and chest.
i even have to wear it when i sleep. i find myself wanting to rip the things off in the middle of the night.
then to find clothes to wear to work where it doesn't show is impossible. so i am cutting a small whole in the pockets of my dress pants. i want to run the wire through there and put the monitor in my pocket. i am very smart like that.

in other news:
angie's back is killing her.
jasper's favorite song is by the flaming lips (yoshima battles the evil pink robots pt1).
i am getting a second tattoo.
james' love for my retarded conversations still grows stronger.
wondergirl thinks she is a duck (she has made some friends who happen to be ducks). has given me two huge got milk heroes posters.
angie's friends are coming in the weekend.
i have rediscovered my love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
paul is moving back to lexington.
josh packs light.
rue burns easily.

that is all i can think of...

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