Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a letter of love

i received this e-mail. i was told i should share it and call the person out. i just wish i knew who you were... then i would buy you a steak dinner and kill you with kindness and a steak knife. kidding!!! i would never take you out for a steak dinner. maybe to the purple cow or something.
i really don't understand where you get off saying these things and i did edit your e-mail. i don't like you making fun of my friends. that is my job.
so please step down off your high horse and realize that i am only human and yes i do say a lot of stupid things, but it's a free world.. therefore i am able to say stupid things.

I read about you in Matthew Turner's book Hokey Pokey. I must say I was impressed with your faith, but then I was directed towards your blog and found that you are nothing more than a fake. You cling to the ideas of a free thinking world, but in a "Christian" way. That is impossible to do. You clam to love God, but you seem to love yourself more. You talk about things that no one should even speak.
You are shallow and a fake. The Bible warns us about people like you. Tickle our ears Tommy. Tickle our ears.
I just pray that God saves your soul and the ones you are taking down with you. I feel for your unborn child and wife. Though I am sure you love them with all of your heart, but I know your son will never hear about the true God as long as you follow this path.


skitkat19 said...

what the heck is this person talking about?! wow. well, those of us who know you still love you and think your blog is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

i think that it's funny that someone who considers themselves to be a christian would just decide to write someone they have never met an email passing such serious judgements. call me crazy, but isn't there a specific passage in the bible that implores us to not judge one another?

as for the writer of the letter, i feel for your spouse and children, should you have any. living with a dogmatic douchebag can't be much fun.

Matthew Paul Turner said...

This letter makes me sick to my stomach. Sorry something I wrote caused you to get this kind of a letter. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Blind leading the blind. I assume these are a few of the faithful followers of this false prophet.
The Bible allows us to judge those who claim to be apart of God's fold.
I hope you one day discover truth. It is not found in any man and I doubt it will be found in this man you follow.

Anonymous said...

Coal, you are a little bit creepy. I am concerned for you, because you seem to think that your ideas are important, or that anybody else even cares. Just go away please, noboby asked for your opinion. In the future, I would suggest that you don't send personal emails to people you don't know, making such irresponsible claims and ridiculous assertions. Tommy is a good friend to many people, but you wouldn't know that, would you?

I'm praying for you Coal, I'm praying very hard that you find peace and forgiveness for your unwarranted, self-righteous behavior.

I normally don't get involved in these things, you've just really made me angry with your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Question... so is CJ the dude who wrote the letter?

Tommy said...

yep, cj is the one who wrote the letter. he seems to believe i have started a cult. a cult where one is not allowed to say the pledge to the flag and one bound by the false ideas of free thinking. little does he know that i rarely think. that is why i have so many stupid blogs.
i also witnessed a man carrying a dead animal by it's tail on the way home. for some reason "what a wonderful world" was playing in my mind. so i do think to myself what a wonderful world...

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how quickly the ignorant run to defend the arrogant man you call your friend.
I know it seems like I am lashing out of anger towards him, but I am a firm believer in standing for truth. He is living a lie. He claims to know TRUTH, but he really doesn't.
I am sure he is a nice guy, but the Bible tells us Satan comes as an angel of light. He comes as someone you would want to be friends with. Someone who is nice and caring, but he is really evil and wanting to lead you to Hell.
I am honestly just trying to do the right thing and the Bible warns us about how we will be treated. So therefore I must be doing something right.

skitkat19 said...
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skitkat19 said...

ephesians 4 says we are to "speak the truth in love." even if there is something you see about tommy that goes against what the Bible says (and remember that no one is perfect - the whole "point a finger at someone and there are three fingers pointing back at you" thing), i think there has got to be a gentler, more loving way to go about calling him on it. especially with the fact that this is, again, someone you do not even know. by coming across as harsh and unforgiving as you have, and by even calling his friends (more people you do not know) names (blind, ignorant, etc.) you are not pointing anyone to Christ - instead, you are pushing tommy and the rest of us away from wanting to even try to understand what in the world you are talking about.

and i don't exactly understand what you mean by "He is living a lie. He claims to know TRUTH, but he really doesn't." where in his blog do you see that?

Angela said...

tommy! i think this cat just called you satan. as one who has vacationed with you and your beloved on more than one occasion, i can honestly say that i have seen no demonic tendencies in you. your skin does repel the sun like a very powerful vampire's would, but that's it. stay cool, king of babylon, morning star, oh prince of this world.

Anonymous said...

Dear "CJ"
Why didn't you tell us all that you had just returned from Heaven to take us all home..OH WAIT, you are NOT GOD therefore you are not to pass judgement.. That is left for one and only from my Sunday School class:)
As for you Tommy, your wife and son will be better people for having you in their lives. If only every woman and child had a husband and father that would live like a Christian and teach them about Our Lord, maybe our nation would not be in the shape it is in. Don't worry about "CJ", appearently he can only find time to send hate mail instead of living a Christian life.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the person who wrote the letter to Tommy definitley lacks tact and consideration. At the same time, the responses to that person have mainly been harsh and making a mockery of them. I think it's best to try and see if there is a nugget of truth that can be gained by a persons critique and concentrate on that and pray both for parties involved.

Sav said...

Can't we all just get along?

Tommy said...

i try, but some people just don't like me.

Rob said...

Let me just say.
I love your blog.
I love how flawed you are.
I love how you love God and even more his stupid creation.