Monday, August 11, 2008

bonding moment

angie and i have been friends for most of our lives. we grew up in the same church and worked at the same camp every summer. i think that is why we make such a good team as husband and wife. we were friends before we were a couple. we knew each other's strengths and weaknesses before we ever decided to get married (well, most of them).
i didn't think a lot would surprise me in our marriage, but i was wrong.
she freaks over bills (something about a 30 dollar comic book bill is disturbing to her). she enjoys mac and cheese. she loves tacos and she rarely laughs at a PG-13 movie. she also hates cartoons...
so you could see where distance would come between us after a few years of marriage. i tried to give up cartoons and comics for her, but i was unable to do that for her. i felt like a failure.
how can we rekindle the love we once had for one another? the kind of love that knows no embarrassing moments?
i am sure wise men have searched for a way to solves this problem without counseling and spending a lot of money.
i am not a wise man, but i have discovered a way to bring the "magic" back..
today i have to go to the doctor or maybe i shouldn't call it a doctor, but i am getting a massage. i didn't want my hairy back showing.. so my lovely wife agreed to nair my back while watching the Olympics. it was beautiful.
the roar of the crowd.
the burn of the nair.
the smell of burning hair.
angie holding her breath.
it was awesome.
it was amazing....
i am the best husband in the world!

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Matthew Paul Turner said...

nice. Jessica has done the same for me, minus the Olympics... :)