Friday, August 08, 2008

bored out of my mind

work has been so slow today. i am not sure why this is. i work in a place where there is always someone getting in trouble and having to come to us to pay their fine or find out when they have to be in court.

not today!

i have sat and watched the clock for the last hour. i believe i would rather be working on something. maybe even mowing my yard again (which i mowed the other day in the dark).

a friend told me about twitter. i joined. i think it is retarded, but also fills in the dead time. i am able to confess stupid stuff.. like how retarded i think people are.. my desire to tell people to shut up... my insecurities when it comes to being honest about the habits i have (i am not talking about alone time pervs!).
i have five minutes before i can leave. i hear a train.. good.. it won't be able to block the road i take home.

i look forward to the weekend. i look forward to relaxing. i look forward to hanging out with friends. i look forward to sleeping in.
no one ever told me that when you get older you sleep less. that is very unfair. i miss sleeping. i miss waking up at 12 and sleeping one more hour. i miss sitting in my underwear all day at the house watching people's court.

but if i were to do that .. i would miss the money i am making now...

well, it is almost time for me to leave. i hope you all have a good weekend... just avoid focus on the family!

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