Wednesday, August 31, 2011

growing older, the new 52, and ramblings

I admit, it has been way too long since I have posted on my blog, but come on... I have a 2-year old (who will be 3 soon), a 3 month old, and I am far to lazy to put effort in to anything else.
BUT..... since Facebook has been blocked and I have caught up on all my work, I figured I would write a blog...
Recently I turned 33. My first thought... Jesus was 33 when He started His ministry... Was He 33 when they killed Him?
Other than that nothing really changed. I am still the same person I was back in 8th grade (though I can grow a mean beard).
NEW 52
DC Comics has changed all of their heroes. That took place today. sigh... It really makes me sad. I grew up Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake... His story has been changed. Heroes are darker. Past stories no longer seem to matter. Wonder Woman wears pants and then she doesn't. Just seems to odd and to be honest, I think I have finally given up comics.
I know that sounds stupid. To be upset over something like that, but I am a comic book nerd.
I have also struggled with the importance (or the lack thereof) of using the King James Version of the Bible. It is an outdated belief that God came down for the second time and breathed that Bible in to "being", but I am pretty sure if that was the case, then He is still doing it today. So why not use an updated translation? We have people who never went to church showing up and they seem confused by the weird language that is spoken only on Sunday. To be honest, I am confused as well.
I know most will think this is disrespectful to those who like the KJV, but it is not meant to be. Sure it maybe your preference, but how does it help someone who has never grown up in church?
When it comes to my thoughts on church, I kind of weird people out. I wish we could go back to the time when we just met at people's homes. That we didn't have to have a meeting to discuss everything. That we could sing whatever song we wanted and disagree with people and still be friends afterwards.
I think we complicate things too much. Maybe I do?
One thing stays the same... In all of the changes of age, comics, and church... I still feel there is and will always be an importance to love people more than I love my own theology...

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David Helms said...

This just another reason I'm a marvel fan...but now they're gonna do it too!