Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DC comics easter basket

i know easter has nothing to do with a basket or a bunny.

it has nothing to do with candy, toys, and easter egg hunts...

trust me, i really do know this, but on easter day you may wonder....

but.....i honestly look forward to having an excuse to buy riley some super hero stuff. ang is really good with watching our money flow and i am really good at making sure it is flowing out of my wallet ( we make a great team)... i still think easter is a valid excuse to buy some toys for my boy.

so i have been working on an easter basket of DC comics super hero toys and movies. nothing expensive, but fun and exciting.

the only problem is most super hero toys are expensive. it seems that everything is considered a collectible. therefore the price is way up.... so what is a geek dad to do?

got any ideas? yeah, me either... so i am going to venture out one day this week and just hunt for a few items and small things to fill the easter eggs.

it's his last easter as an only child... i feel like that is also a good excuse to go a little over board.

besides, i need a few super heroes to act out the "battle for metropolis" infinite crisis in the easter basket.


Anonymous said...

Ummm... the Battle you speak of had about 80 plus heroes and villians.
I had to point this out since most of your readers are not geeks.
BTW: Loved the action on your Facebook page last night. Who knew a man would take up for us weak wittle women.
Loved this blog, but I have a feeling your wife will win this battle.

Tommy said...

shhhh... don't tell her that...
the facebook stuff was a mild misunderstanding... we will just leave it at that.