Monday, April 25, 2011

loving the elephant in the room

3 times i have tried to write a blog about injustice, my anger, and the need to learn to love those i really wish were not part of my life...
during the many attempts to write my thoughts and feelings i discovered that my anger showed through too much.
that i have allowed people's actions control my life.
i know i need to forgive.
i know i need to love.
but it is never that easy.
i would like to say that after the 70th time i prayed that God took this feeling away, but He has not. i realize now i have to put more effort into it.
but i still have this nagging voice inside my head.
"is it right to just ignore the injustice that is still taking place?"
i don't think so, but until i learn to control the anger inside me... i don't think it would be right for me to confront the issue.
learning to love is a hard process. it's even harder when it is people you really want to hate.
and honestly... deep down i just wish i could tell a few people off.

how do you deal with injustice? turn a blind eye? do you say "it's not my place"?


Anonymous said...

Just be thankful you are no longer part of that "mission" anymore. I use the term mission lightly.
I always try to confront injustice, but at the same time I have found it hard to be a good follower of Christ when my anger steps in.
Like i said, just be thankful.

Former Camp Counselor

Tommy said...

ha... not really what i was talking about, but it's always nice to hear from old friends.