Sunday, April 22, 2007

favorite song lyrics

a little ditty about jack and diane
friends are friends forever
i don't want anybody else
i am a whore i do confess
back off y'all with less of that sex
hail to glorious old lee county
i'm the lucky one
the hills are alive
i wish i were an oscar mayer wiener
ok.. so most of these are not my favorite lyrics, but i haven't blogged in forever. some of my friends have complained because they have not been able to make fun of my poor writing skills and my lack of concern for the words i write. it seems that i have a habit of saying things that i shouldn't, but i find myself just saying what i think. like in this moment i wish i had some powdered donuts. yet it is better that i don't. i have lost some weight...even though one of my close friends likes to call me fat. i have tried to learn how to vomit, but i just can't do it. i should start going to bed early. i have to get up around 6 to be ready for work.
tonight i found myself at a bell concert. a bell concert.. let me say it again... a bell concert. i know.. i should stop being so wild and just stay at home at watch my america's next top model. yet my youth group was part of it. it was kind of neat watching them ring their bells, but i couldn't help but be annoyed by the hard wooden pews. comeon. i know i live in the country, but we have soft seats... my butt fell asleep half way through the lovely noise of bells felling the air.
an hour later we were free to go. on my way out my friend alan told me about his father's finger getting closed in a safe and the tip being cut off.. ugh... they are trying to sew it on as we speak..
ok.. i am finished.. i am seeing a commercial for heroes and it makes me happy... i have missed them.

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