Monday, April 09, 2007

anberlin is making me love them all over again

friday night i went out with a few of my friends (junior, angie, amanda, and tammy). ok.. so one of them is my wife, the other is my sister, but still friends none the less. while waiting for our movie to start (blades of glory. talk about that in a second). so we went out to eat and then like every red blooded bluegrass american, we went to wal-mart. while walking through the store trying to avoid making a fool of myself by laughing at the high school jokes jr and i were making i noticed anberlin's cities. i had forgotten about them having a new cd. not sure how that happened though. i mean.. they are on the front of relevant(you know the christian magazine that isn't really that christian) . i bought even though my wife rolled her eyes and said "i hope they don't scream." it was awesome. i only was able to listen to a few songs, but wow.. in my view... this is there best so far. even if he does move like a girl on stage. i love fin.
well, after wal-mart we headed to the movies. it was a nice little theater, but they were late showing the movie and all i could think about was having to work on saturday. yet when will showed his face on the screen.. i couldn't help but laugh. this may come as a shock to a lot of you, but i am not a huge fan of comedies. i find them boring. yet once you look beyond the gay undertone (nothing against the gay people, i just found it too over the top) will's normal humor.. it was a good story with a lot of heart. i did laugh out loud, but my wife did not. she was offended by the humor and the bare chested will...
yeah.. pretty boring blog i know. i am out of my meds. i found myself overly tired today. lastnight i could hardly keep my eyes open and i found a way to offend my best friend (still haven't figured that one out, but i feel bad. it was just one of those nights when no matter what i said to anyone they looked at me like was sticking a knife in there hand). today i was so out of it. i could not think fast enough, but thankfully i had to go somewhere and afterwards i headed home to sleep. i slept hard too.. i actually drooled. yeah.... i know.. sick. don't worry. if you stop by for a visit i would never let you use my pillow. it is soft, fluffy, and big. i will let you sleep with my Batman blanket. it is soft and warm.
i can't wait to get my meds. i feel like i am lost without a way home....nah.... i wanted to sound desperate for a second. promise not be so random next time or do i?

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