Monday, March 05, 2007

we were all mad when bush listened in

i have never been one to feel like someone is watching me. nor have i ever had a hard time speaking my mind over the phone, but i should. we have all heard about how W. listened in on our phone conversations. sure it ticked some of us off, but it was for our safety... wasn't it? yet i have felt the pain of the invasion closer to home.
a year ago i spent some time with my brother in-law. we have always been good friends. i could trust him with anything (or so i thought). one night in his basement i opened up to him. sharing a story that had really affected me. as i poured out my heart, my friend, my brother recorded me talking about it. i wasn't too upset cause i thought he was going to erase it. 3 months later at a funeral a older friend walked up to me and said "this is the second time i have heard your voice today."
he went on to tell me how he went to my brother in-law's myspace and heard a song about me with a recording of me talking about pooping my pants attached. i had to hold back the anger that i felt. i forced a smile and just laughed, but inside i could feel the dagger in my back and his cold hairless hands holding it.
for years i have held this bitterness towards him. i have thought of many ways to get him back, but i could never sink to his level of trickery. nor could i take on the role of a two faced christian that has become so prevalent in my life. so instead of telling him how i feel..... i just smile. sure i am putting it on here for all to read, but he will just get a laugh out of this...WON'T YOU DANNY! ?
someday my kid is going to beat up your kid. here is the link to the song "my friend tommy".


Rob said...

You are one unique person. How could anyone not love you? Even though we have already seen some who do not.
Also, the song is funny. You must be a really cool person to have a song.

Paul said...

If this is the way you feel, maybe you should talk to danny and not blog about it online. Do you even care that you are hurting people right now? You say the Smiths control people, which crushed your spirit (maybe not in those terms). Maybe you should think about those you are crushing and hurting. Believe me, I don't agree with all that goes on in the smith house, and these are not words spoken because of them controlling me. The is from a friend who has really cared about you and still care about you and your wife. If you want to have an effective life outside of the smiths, get rid of your bitterness and anger. That is what is going to crush you

danny said...

get over it, tommy! i'm sick and tired of having to defend my artistic decisions to you! do you even care that i went back and added some bass to your voice to make you sound more manly? i put your story on the world wide web for one reason and one reason only: to help other people who might be going through something similar. and all you seem to care about is your so-called "embarassment." i think you need to do the christian thing here and thank me for doing my part to reach out to those in need.

paul, thanks for defending me. blood truly is thicker than water.

and tommy, even if you're not sorry, i forgive you. because that's the kind of danged guy i am.