Saturday, March 17, 2007

i have found a love for violence

most of you who know me, know that i love comic books. sad but true. if you mention anything to do with comics around me i will start rambling like an idiot about them. i have caused many awkward moments by talking about this deep love for heroes in capes and tights. it was always my escape from the world of worries and the constant pursuit of God's will. i was able to sit in my room or bathroom and read about the adventures of robin the boywonder.

(he has always been my hero. he was a kid that took on big time bad guys, but never let the darkness around him take him over.) comics can actually be very deep if you just read them. the stories are never ending and the good guys always have their failures and weaknesses. one of my favorite robin comics is when he allows a bad guy to die. yet months later he is haunted by the images of this man. telling him that he sent him to hell. something so real about something so fake.

last night i watch 300 for the 2nd time. this movie is based on a comic, but the comic is based on true events. the comic is dark and somewhat poorly drawn, but it still is an awesome comic. the movie is 10x better. i have never been a fan of war movies, but wow. i can't help but be pulled into this story of blood and violence. the comic book nerd in me screams "holy clashing of the titans, batman!" and the manly nature (i know that it is rarely seen) screams "ho ha".

i know that this makes me look like a bigger nerd, but if you were to ever see my office.. you would know i am a bigger nerd than this blog will ever show.

go watch 300.... you will love it. i may go for the 3rd time.. who knows. depends on if i can get my wife to see it or my father in-law. of course next weekend tmnt comes out... i used to be a huge tmnt fan. my friend dustin got me hooked on them in the sixth grade. he always had the cool toys. jerk.... i wonder if he remembers the time i bought him one that he already had...

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Anonymous said...

you are a comic book nerd!!!!! yet i still love you with a deep passion... as deep as the belly button of justice.