Sunday, March 18, 2007

men will be men and pawl will be....ummm... a bride's maid

there once was a boy named pawl. he enjoyed making fun of a hall. the boy of his jokes, seemed to be favored by all folks and was in many weddings winter and fall. pawl never seemed to worry, but fate would smack him in a flurry and now pawl will stand with a woman in hand, but pawl would be the maid of honor and not a man.

this poem may offend some who love and know pawl, but i have to laugh when i think about him being the man of honor (maid of honor) in his friend's wedding. all of those times he made fun of me for being in weddings or singing in them... it has come back to him 10 fold. you rock that dress and don't forget to fix her train when she goes up to light the unity candle. (this is an actual pic).


Sav said...

I think the wedding will be incomplete unless pawl is in a dress. lol.

steven daniel smith said...

paul has one-upped you again, tommy. next thing you know he'll break your prom record.

Paul said...

poke fun all you want, tom t. we all know that you are just covering up the fact that i just beat you at your own game. by the way, courtney wants to know if you will sing "when i see you smile" by bad english during the reception.