Saturday, August 07, 2010

random facts about me

-as a child i had a huge collection of he-man action figures. i would sit and play with them for hours and honestly still would if they had their arms and legs still attached.

- i lack will power and drive to workout. i want to get into shape and i can plan and write out everything i need to do, but when it comes down to it... i can't do it. i have no push. i can look down and see the view of my feet slowly fading by the gut that is forming in front of me, but still... nothing.

-i used to take adderall... not because i was adhd, but because i wanted to lose weight. it all goes back to the lack of will power.

-i will read one comic book over 50 times before i put it away in storage. i am not sure why i do this. it could be that it's all i want to read when i am in the bathroom, but some times you find some thing new around the 30th time around.

-i have almost all of my childhood toys in my basement and some times i go through them to remember the simple times and think about how i never got that lion-o action figure i always wanted.

-i secretly wish i knew how to work on cars. as a child my dad would try and get me to help him, but it was always hot in his garage and besides... it was interrupting my he-man cartoons.
now i wish i knew so i could take care of all the small problems that come up with my little focus.
maybe i should just wish i was rich. that would take care of everything.

-i used to want to be a rock star. i think i held on to that dream for a long time. i guess it is a good thing it never happened. due to the fact i am lazy with working out.. i am sure leather pants would just hurt my career.

-i can come up with an excuse faster than i can blink. i am not sure how i learned this talent, but i know it is a good one to have. it has saved me from a lot of boring trips to the movies and many uncomfortable conversations.

-some times i want to go back in time and tell people off. i am not sure if i am the only one who day dreams about that, but i would just love to just go back for one hour and just let some people know how i truly feel, but i am sure that if i was given that chance i wouldn't say anything.

-i hate being a people pleaser, but if you need any help, let me know.

-i am afraid of the long legged spiders that live in my basement. to help me over come this fear i am setting off a bug bomb some time this week.

-i enjoy making awkward moments, but hate when it is done to me.

i will end this long list by saying: i slept with a ewok doll until i was 10...

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