Monday, August 23, 2010

gungor (best worship album i have heard in a long time)!

i will admit that i don't listen to too much Christian music anymore. i have found that some of it is self centered and shallow, but once in awhile i will find a artist that will continue to encourage me to keep pushing myself to be a better person in Christ.

gungor's album beautiful things does this. the lyrics are simple in some ways, but they still hit home and make me wonder about my own walk with God.

some lyrics are thought provoking. the song cannot keep you had me questioning the way i view the Bible and the church. the song states

"We cannot keep you in a church, we cannot keep you in a Bible or it's just another idol to box you in. they could not keep you in their walls, we cannot keep you in ours either, for you are so much greater."

the Bible as an idol? at first i was offended, but the more i thought about it i realize how some people try to say that God will not work in ways that He once did in the Bible.

i once heard a speaker who said that God will no longer speak through a burning bush... why? because we have the Bible (the speaker said that, not me) and God no longer needs to speak to us through such things. hmmm... i have yet to find that verse in the Bible... it must be next to the no drum beat rule and kjv only section.

why can't He speak through a burning bush still? i have no idea why one would teach such a thing, but God is bigger than the Bible and what we believe. i know i am no where near understanding who God is, but i doubt i will ever say He cannot do some thing (i am still holding out for a thick head of hair).

i guess i say all of that to say, i love this album...

i hope you will give gungor a chance.


Tony York said...

I will have to check out the music... I am always interested in seeing how various 'Christian' artists portray scripture in music.

And.. I totally agree that persons can make the bible into an idol. There are a lot of KJV only people who I would be tempted to put into that group.

I believe that God will work the way He wills and not to my limitations. Otherwise, my god is then just that... a god.

Anonymous said...

at first i thought you ripped off another blog about this song, but i saw the date you posted this blog.
bro, you have a Dbag copying you. just giving you a heads up.
love and puppies!

Tommy said...

stop calling me dude. second, what blog also posted this? i don't own the rights to a blog post... ha!
thanks for finally posting some thing on here. i was beginning to wonder if you cared!

i think you and i are always on the same page!
God cannot be contained and too bad we "christians" keep trying to put him in a box.

Anonymous said...

dude, dude, dude,
crappy text writting!

Tommy said...

what? just message me.