Monday, August 30, 2010

can you believe in God and aliens?

i want your thoughts on this!


Shark Bait said...

I sure hope so, otherwise I'm going to feel very stupid when the first ones arrive. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't beleive aliens are real. If so, God whoud have told us about them.
I don't think it makes you less of a Christian, but it makes you somewhat odd.
I would suggest keeping thoughts like that to yourself.

Shark Bait said...


1. I don't think beliveing in aliens is what makes us somewhat odd. Sorry.
2. I don't believe in slugs either, because God didn't tell me about them.
3. If we were planning to keep daft ideas to ourselves, I don't think we would have blogs.


Anonymous said...

1. you are odd.
2. i believe in things i can see.
3. i don't have a blog.

i just find it odd that one would think that there is something out there. only God and his angels...