Friday, April 03, 2009

this is your life

this morning on the way to work something odd happened.
i was listening to switchfoot (been awhile since i have really listened to them) and the song "this is your life" came on. the chorus asks "this is your life, are you who you want to be?"
for the first time in a long time... i could answer yes.

for too long i have tried to live like other people have wanted. i have played the part of the missionary. i have been the good little boy who has always done what he is told. i have stood before church after church singing and preaching.
but deep down i was never really happy.

don't get me wrong. there were good moments during that time, but i dreaded getting up for work. i didn't want to be around certain people. the people i had to see everyday. God became my boss and i wasn't always too happy with him.

all of that faded this morning when i realized how good of a life i have.
i have a wonderful wife. she is always putting up with my odd habits. she keeps me grounded and she never seems to get too upset when i say something to cause a fight with her family or spend too much money at starbucks.

then there is riley. i never really thought i could fall in love with something that poops more than me. yet he makes the hardest days so much better. the way he smiles when i bark like a dog. when he laughs at me throwing clothes at him... the way he dances when he hears "single ladies".

this is my life. a life that i didn't seek out... it found me.

the other cool thing is i love my job. sure i see some messed up stuff, but still... it is a good job. i don't dread getting up every morning and going to work. i also work with some of my favorite people.

this was a little too serious of a post.. so i will say this...



Matthew Paul Turner said...

really good post. encouraging!

Chad Estes said...

I am glad you are living your life, Tommy. Your interactions with me continue to be highlights. Have a great weekend!

tonyyork said...

hey, Tommy, thanks for sharing this. Its good to read these parts of your life.

And... I am glad you said poop at the end.