Thursday, April 23, 2009

mid-nite madness

the other day while ironing my clothes (yes i do that. i also iron my t-shirts and jeans. go ahead and laugh) i was hit with an old memory from high school.

for some unknown reason i decided to go to UK's mid-nite madness with two of my friends. i have never been a fan of sports, but the thrill of skipping school and doing nothing sounded like a lot of fun to me. little did i know that i was going to have to wait in line for over 8 hours and be surrounded by people painted in blue and talking about things like the teams history and the new players. like i said before i was not a fan.

while waiting i discovered that it was going to be "catfan forever" a play on the new batman movie "batman forever". that made the wait worth it. it was something i could relate to. comics.

around the 4th hour of waiting a little kid turned around to look at my short friend (not going to say his name due to the fact it could hurt his feelings). he looked him up and down and said "you must be the ugliest person at your school."

without hesitation my other friend spoke up "yes, yes he is."

i laughed.

shorty got upset.

the sad thing is.... the kid was right.

that memory caused me to laugh out loud.

oh how the years go by.

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