Friday, April 17, 2009

get mad

i realize that i am not the most talented blogger in the world. i know that most of my subjects do not cause one to question life, faith, and love. for the most part i write pretty basic things, but i have discovered how to get a lot of blog views.
write a mean blog.
a few weeks ago i wrote a blog on "storm troopers" and in one day i doubled my blog views. why? because i was making fun of a group of people.
this has caused me to rethink my blogging.
do i stick to my normal everyday life blog or do i go for the kill by making fun of different groups of people?
part of me wants to make you laugh when i talk about the pasty face basement dwellers, but something doesn't feel right about always making fun of people.
don't get me wrong. i enjoy being a jerk once in awhile, but the truth is... i am not that mean deep down.
so i am going to stick to what i do best. pointing out my idiotic ways. ordering square shrubs, riding a bike and cutting my leg up, getting one side of my body burned while talking to someone about cars and not having a single clue what they are talking about and getting beat up by james for picking on him (i have a cut on my arm to prove it). all of those wonderful random things that are a part of life.
so don't fear my jedi hating friends. i am going to be kind and back off. your mother's love you just like mine does (well, mine loves me a little more... i moved out of the house a long time ago).

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