Monday, March 23, 2009

spring fever

not saying that i become lazy during the winter months, but these past few days i have worked like a crazed manual labor loving man.

it all started when i ordered some shrubs (which i discovered that all shrubs are the same. you have to cut them round or square. i didn't know this until i was ready to order them).

my goal for this spring is to get the yard looking a lot better. i started by uprooting little bushes that were half dead. then i moved on to planting shrubs(20). then i had to purchase landscaping timbers (you have to make things look neat and clean. it also keeps me from running over the mulch with the lawnmower).

i drove to the local hardware store (the one i used to work at) and purchased 5 landscape timbers. the only problem is... i drive a ford focus. so fitting 5 8 foot timbers in the car was a task, but we did it. i just had to drive really slow. if i were to slam on my brakes i would have lost my windshield.

i worked feverishly on the yard. measuring, planting, shoveling, avoiding dog poop, and mulching (not sure that is a word or not).

after working all afternoon on the yard, i decided to switch gears and start working on an old desk my father had given me.

i finished striping off the paint and i actually varnished it all in one day.
i must admit the smell of varnish did get to me a time or two, but i still enjoyed working hard. now i have finished this desk from my father's childhood. as soon as the smell of the varnish goes away, i will bring it into the house and display my manly work.

this scares the poo out of me. i have always been one who claimed they were allergic to manual labor. i used to fake being sick to get out of racking leaves (which never worked. my dad said the sweat would make me feel better. it never did).

why do i now enjoy such tasks? could it be that i am going to become my father and do riley the same way he did me? am i going to trick him into sports only to end up having him hate them...oh wait... i hate sports. what if he hates comic books? what will i do then?

on a more depressing note...

brant killed a huge beetle.

it is a sad day in lee county.

OH YEAH! tomorrow i get to go to a star wars thing with tyler (he dresses like a stormtropper and is part of the 501st). this is going to be a real treat for me. i have never been in a room full of people that will make me feel better about myself unless i am at a family christian bookstore.
of course i can't make fun of tyler... he isn't that big of a nerd. he can actually carry a normal conversation about comic books.. he isn't always star wars talk...


Steve Smith said...

Please tell me you didn't go somewhere and ask for square shrubs.

Chad Estes said...

I saw you getting that lumber home for your projects... I even happened to take a picture of it. I'll post it on Facebook.

Tommy said...

steve: no, i did not go somewhere and ask for square shrubs. i was looking through a magazine and asked a co-worker what the square shrubs were called.
chad: what other pics do you have of me?

Chad Estes said...

You keep blogging and I'll keep posting more of them on FB. It is amazing what I have found.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking its about time I got around to some yard work... things are just now starting to warm up here in the north.