Thursday, March 12, 2009

his first time

tomorrow i am taking riley for his check up alone. normally angie and her mother take him since i am normally sitting in court, but tomorrow is a boys day out.
so i figure after he gets his temperature taken and weighed, we will head to my comic book store. it will be a powerful moment. i will have to fight the tears as i look into his big blue eyes and see batman's reflection. as he reaches for an action figure (toys to the layman). as all of the other comic book nerds stare and wonder how come i am not living in my mother's basement, why i wear size 33 pants, and how did i ever get married to a girl that doesn't have a tattoo of the wonder woman symbol on their right butt cheek. that is when they realize.... i am their god (lower case g). i am not bound to the rules that apply to most comic book nerds.

tomorrow will be a glorious day.

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Zach! said...

Watch it, Tommy. You're making the mountains tremble!