Thursday, March 19, 2009

getting old

it is true.
my back is hurting.
my right shoulder is killing me.
i have silver hair.

what really hit home was when i received "bestlife" magazine. a magazine for aging men. articles telling me how to survive a mid-life crisis, how to handle balding, how to look ten years younger, and a few "adult situation" topics.

when did i become old?
will i stop laughing at fart jokes?
will i stop watching cartoons?
will i actually stop writing notes during church?

the questions and fears that haunt my mind (shudder).

how do you handle getting old?
should i buy a sports car?
play golf?
get a hair piece?

what do i do?


Chad Estes said...

Well you can start with stopping writing the church notes. Have you ever used them again? I mean, if they are good, publish them, if not, doodle!

Chad Estes said...
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Organic Meatbag said...

It doesn't get any easier, my friend...I am getting mail about buying cemetery plots... now THAT is cryptic!