Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i am in love

i know it sounds horrible to come out of a married man's mouth, well unless i am talking about my wife when i say"i am in love", but i can't deny it. let me try to explain how my love could shift from such a wonderful wife to something else. so please do not judge me until you know the whole story of how one day my heart was changed.
it happened in january. i had returned from my wonderful trip to st.louis for Christmas and i was getting use to working again (it isn't hard for me to get out of the habit. i am lazy by nature). my mind was slowly growing use to not sleeping in and my body was getting used to the diet i had myself on. so needless to say, i was not myself and that is how i found myself easily swayed by another.
for lunch we were having a late Christmas party. the food was wonderful and there were gifts to be exchanged. it was like my vacation had never ended.. and that is when it happened. i opened that gift that sent my heart on a dangerous course.
the box was small but heavy. it looked so business like. i took the wrapping paper off quickly to expose 3 metal ink pens. each one so beautiful. like they came from the desk of someone important. i felt my heart beating quickly. a tear came to my eye. fireworks began to explode all around me. i was in love. they feel so smooth in my hand.
that night i showed them to angie and she was jealous. she has always had a love for ink pens, but these were mine. they belong to me. i would never leave home without them. i often find myself sitting at work and just writing my abc's because they write so well and feel so good in my hands. their cold metal slips between my fingers. the soft noise it makes as it glides across the paper. oh.. it is beautiful. it is special.. it is love.

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