Thursday, March 27, 2008

best moments

the other day someone asked me what my best and worst moments at southland Bible institute were. i had to stop and think. there were so many things i could say for the worst, but the best... i was stumped. i know there were some, but why can't i remember them? i believe it could be cause i have allowed myself to focus on the worst stuff. it's not hard to do. being a "liberal" (they view me like one, but trust me i am not) christian kind of puts a bulls eye on your chest.
so i thought i would write a list of my best moments.

1. rediscovered my love for Twinkies.
2. found new ways to twist scripture into getting my own way.
3. gained 50 pounds my first semester.
4. realized i was cool compared to my fellow students (which doesn't say much for
5. passed all of my classes
6. that i wasn't a baptist.
7. graduated even though my now father in-law said i would end up burning the place
8. got campused (see earlier blog)
9. met some cool people, but never talk to them anymore.
10.left there single.

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Prodigal Jon said...

number 7 really cracked me up.
thanks for the comment on my new site