Tuesday, March 21, 2006

does anyone find me lovely?

today i learned an important lesson. i veiw things in black and white. love and hate. truth and lies. yet the world is not in black and white. there isn't always an answer. there isn't always someone there to help when you have fallen. some times God does pull His hand away. it is in those moments and in this moment that i hold tight to grace. sure, i am in pain and i am hurting bad, but tomorrow is a new day and i will find the strength to face this world. i always have and i always will.
two things in life never change. God's love and the power of music. both move me to tears. both move me to dance. and both will be there tomorrow when i wake up before the dawn. they will be there as i stand before the crowds.
as i write shawn mcdonald is playing in the back ground. "lovely" let me tell you a story of a little boy who had lost his way. in search for something to make it a better day. but all he seemed to find was a world of hurt and pain. and a place that didn't seem to care that he lost his way. so the boy began to cry. yes the boy began to cry. does anyone love me? does anyone care? is anyone out there that finds me lovely?
sure tears are running down my face. not because i feel like this boy in the song, but because there are kids, teens, and adults who feel this way everyday of their life. i am so blessed. i am so loved. i have found my strength.

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