Wednesday, December 01, 2010

what annoys me the most about Christmas

i know that i write a lot of blogs about "what annoys me", but it's one of my favorite past times. to sit and think about what gets under my skin makes me all warm and fuzzy inside... so i figured i would write a small list for the holiday season... i mean, Christmas season... sorry my fellow Christians i didn't mean to offend or did i?

i hate shopping this time of year. no one seems to be happy. people fight over stupid things. angie forced me to go with her on black friday to wal-mart. i witnessed women fighting over barbie jeeps and zoozoo pets. i was really afraid that i was going to die.

i always feel like i have to give money to the salvation army walking in and out of the store. i always feel like they are judging me.

i hate when people go crazy over "X-mas"... the X means Christ! not the X-men... though that would be cool... i think beast would make a good wise man and cyclops would be a good shepherd.

i have a hard time writing out a Christmas list. i never can think of anything i really want or need...

bruce springsteen singing Christmas carols.

santa buddy the movie... someone kill that dog.

people who think they have to say "happy holidays" when you say merry Christmas...

honestly... this list is a lot smaller than i thought it would be, but one thing that does bother me about Christmas is how i feel bad for the families who can't afford to get what they want for their kids. i know Christmas isn't about what you get, but try to explain that to a kid who has nothing. we live in america and as americans we make everything about ourselves. so i get really sad when i go out shopping and see families struggling. my soft heart can't take it.


this went downhill fast.

i hate veggie tales nativity sets! it's just wrong!!!


Shark Bait said...

Okay, I totally read that title as "what annoys me the most about Christians."

My bad.

Tommy said...

that is not a bad idea... of course i would have to talk about how much i annoy myself in that blog.

Priscilla said...

I agree with a lot of your list, but the Santa Buddies gets me so angry. Disney seriously needs to give that one up!