Thursday, June 24, 2010

list of things that annoy me

preachers who tell you to say amen (umm... i would rather tell you shut up than amen).

people who give me "advice" on how to raise my child (i know your kid and they are a brat... so please keep your advice to yourself).

when some one's only way of communication is through sarcasm.

when people call and only talk about themselves.

slow turners ( you don't need to stop and then turn).

deer flies (they are not as cute as the name makes them sound).

door to door salesmen (i have been ripped off recently... i now know i am a sucker).

videos for babies (i am selfish... i want to watch what i want to watch).

mtv (i am sick of your reality shows and dangit you are rubbing off on vh1).

people who whistle.

listening to sports on the radio.

not being in control of the radio on a road trip.

old men who call me honey (that's just creepy).

poop cramps.

a hot bedroom.

the color violet (you are purple).

comb overs.

disney tween and teen shows.

vegans who have to talk about how they are vegans.

people who always talk in a yelling tone.

country music award shows.

cheap toilet paper.

silence in the middle of the night (i need a fan running at all times).

little kids that talk during a movie.

drive-in movies.

people who point out i am going bald.

road work.

my neighbors dog pooping on my porch.

normal water.

swimming with teenagers.

long toenails.

using public restrooms.

some one in the urinal next to me trying to carry a conversation with me.

man boob sweat.

the last twinkie.

people who post pictures of them drinking with teens.


nazi tattoos.

when people get a "passionate" tone when they talk about God (that fake voice that makes them sound spiritual).

bluegrass music.


Shark Bait said...

If old men are calling you honey, maybe you aren't going bald as fast as you think you are.

Tommy said...

you may have a point.

Shark Bait said...

No, I'm soft and squishy the whole way 'round.

I checked.

Tommy said...

hahaha.... you got me there.