Thursday, June 03, 2010


everyone knows i am a comic book fan. i don't hide this.

i love comics cause i can escape from reality and just get lost in the world of spandex and super powers.

some times the comic book world gets too real (i know it sounds impossible, but it is true) for me.

ever since i have become a father, i have become very sensitive to issues dealing with children being harmed. i sit in court and listen to horrible stories and see pictures of children being hurt. it sticks with me. something about the innocent being punished just gets me.

i am kind of like brian in that family guy episode when he finds out he has a son and worries over everything...

sorry josh, didn't mean to become like that.

recently dc comics has been doing a story on a character named roy harper aka: speedy, arsenal, and red arrow.

he had a little daughter named lian.

it was a neat twist on the character. he was a super hero, recovering drug addict, single father, and womanizer. he was hot headed, but loved his daughter.

so i found it distasteful to kill off his daughter. it didn't really bother me that much. it is fiction, but when i saw the images of him visiting his daughter in the morgue it made me sad.

i know.. how stupid is that. i am getting upset over a comic book.

i just can't help it.

to be honest... each night i pray for my son to always be safe. i pray that i would go before he would. it's just what parents do... i think...

i guess the point of this post is.... lighten up comics... i don't care if you kill off adults... it doesn't bother me and what i want is more important than a good story... i think...

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